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How does brand strategy spawn focus?

Lindsay Says

Lack of focus is a brand problem.

Although many pathologize lack of focus as a leadership problem, it's actually a systemic problem – a brand problem.

Brand is your promise and your fulfillment of that promise.

Brand strategy is the deliberate exercise of choosing that promise, so that you can make every decision according to that promise.

Focus heightens employee engagement, marketing ROI, customer loyalty, pricing power, and culture building. It allows your business to be differentiated in a way that has nothing to do with your price or features. It spurs meaning-making among employees, customers, partners, and leaders.

The operative word here? Deliberate. Choosing a focus requires setting aside time, emotional energy, and cognitive resources to get still and humble, yet courageous. What will we promise? What is worth promising? What do we have the right to promise? What will we optimize for as we grow this business?

So, if you're struggling with lack of focus, take heart. It may mean that you just have not yet harnessed the tool of brand strategy.

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